Monday, October 12, 2009

The Ugly Truth

Thank you to everyone for the FAB shoe comments.  I am so excited to wear them with The Purple Dress! 

I had people ask me why I deactivated my Facebook Account.  This is just temporary.  I was hurt when I wrote that post and I didn't know if I would activate the account again.  I will, but first I have lots of projects and homework for school that I need to get done before a certain someone walks off that plane!!

I guess I just need to take a break from some things in my life so I can focus on other things.  I was informed that I am basically a witch (ok, I am being nice here) and that David's deployment is rather small in the grand scheme of things.  Well in the grand scheme of things in my life, it isn't such a small thing.  Unless you are in my house, then you have no clue how hard of a time the kids, especially Tyler, have had during this deployment.  But that is ok, I understand that you may have bigger things happening in your house.  But this is my house and if I need to vent on my facebook status to let off some steam on the computer and not my kids, then I think I have that right.  It is my facebook page after all.  If I need a minute to have a good cry, then I should have that right.  There is nothing like a good cry to get you back on the saddle!

There are many more things that I would like to say, but this just isn't the place to do it!  That makes me sad, my blog has really become a journal for me.  I know that I am a positive person.  Who doesn't have their days.  My dearest friends all tease me about how cheery of a person I am.  But if you want the truth, when David is gone, my heart aches and I am not me until he is home again.  My mom used to joke, ok maybe not so much joke as complain, about how moody I was/am when David is gone, but you mention his name and there is a sparkle in my eye.  The sparkle will return, soon, very soon.  When the sparkle is back, my cheery self will be back.  I am sorry if I have been a royal pain in the butt the past 4 months, but truth is, I have had a lot on my plate.  Maybe I am not handling it the way you think you could, but until you are in my shoes..... Do Not Throw Stones!!

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  1. I really really REALLY hate that because some people feel entitled enough to come to OUR blogs and belittle us for our thoughts and opinions. If you don't like it, go somewhere else. Read something else. I get that, yes, it is public, but it is OUR public emotions, thoughts, expressions--which, last time I checked, was a right we had. I feel your pain. I wish I could just lay everything out there sometimes, and its sad that we cant.
    Especially if it was your Facebook page. Like really, who the hell do people think they are?!

  2. You are entitled to your thoughts. The stressful thing for you right now is deployment. For someone else, it could be the death of a family member and for someone else it could be that they can't decide what car to buy.

    No one has the right to belittle someone's feelings. Deployment IS a a big deal. Especially when you have kids. I find it a huge deal with me right now and we DON'T have kids. Hello, half my self is gone. That's a big deal.

    Let me guess... this person isn't a MilSpouse and "can easily deal" with her husband's absense for work... all 1.5 weeks of it.

  3. Since when is a Deployment a "little thing"? Even if it is a MilWife who said that, it's probably her unhealthy way of coping with her own vulnerability. I'm sorry. Some people are just jerks. You have every right to feel what you are feeling, and no apologies necessary!

  4. It is your feelings, your life and unfortunately ppl don't understand. A deployment is hard - not only are they gone - you don't know what will happen next. Everyone's stressors are different it doesn't mean yours is any more or any less. When Chuck was gone I felt so alone and even normal decisions seemed hard.I also think when it gets close to coming home time its hard because it is close but not close enough......Hang in there

  5. No stone throwing from me!! :)

    Yay for "Purple Dress Day!" I couldn't possibly be happier for you!

    People try (and sometime they don't) to understand what it's like to go through a deployment... and most times they are amazingly supportive and brilliantly kind. Once in awhile a bad egg gets through and it sure hurts, doesn't it.

    Water off a ducks back, baby... (easier said than done sometimes, though :)

    Lots of love and understanding coming from the Mrs. part of Sgt and Mrs Hub! Also, I am more than willing to stomp on someone's toes if you need me to. ;)



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