Thursday, August 13, 2009

1st Day of 1st Grade

Today was the day! Tyler is OFFICIALLY a 1st grader. Ok, I guess she was after school was dismissed back in May!! I cannot believe that she is in 1st grade and not the baby of the school anymore! However, I think she LOVED the fact that she isn't the baby anymore!

Here is Tyler before I woke her up! Who can resist a picture of a sleeping child. They look so sweet and peaceful!! It melts my heart!
By this point, Tyler is really annoyed with me and my camera. She wanted to ride the bus. UHM Tyler, it is kind of a big deal to mommy to get to take you to school on your first day. One day you will not want me there! Ok, so today may have been that day. Seriously, are you in 1st grade or 10th grade? SIGH!!
And Tyler, I had to beg for you to look at me and give your Mommy a smile! You were more interested in talking to the little boy sitting next to you. Once again, how old are you. It is a good thing that in your eyes, Zac Efron is the only boy for you! WHEW!!
Tyler's first day of 1st grade was great! She told me that they had an assembly to teach the kindergartners the school's cheer. I remember her coming home last year on the first day and saying the cheer! And she was quick to tell me about putting her backpack and lunchbox in her locker, because that is what first graders do. Mommy is obviously behind on the times!

After we dropped Tyler off in the gym at her school, this lil man got very upset. He kept saying, Mommy where Tyer (yes, when Landon says her name, there is no L. It is seriously the cutest thing I have ever heard.) You could hear his little heart breaking. They had a blast this summer. They started playing more together, they started fighting, and Landon learned a lot from his sister. Some things I could have gone without him learning! But that is the job of the big sister!!

After the kids were dropped off at their schools, mommy had a mommy day! I had to go to the city to exchange shoes that I bought for Landon. Then I hit up TJ Maxx and found to pairs of Seven Jeans for dirt cheap. I am not sure who was more excited, me or the Hubs!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We are headed to the State Fair!!

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  1. Aw, that sounds like a great day! I'm glad she had fun the first day! Have fun at the state fair! Ours is this week too!

  2. It looks like she had a great day and she is going to love school! Glad you got some mommy time too!

  3. Oh Ashley, she looks so pretty and grown up! You must be so proud! And I LOVE her little bag and lunch cute. And not to leave anyone out...Landon is a doll too, I love the typical "boy" pose with the tongue out! : )

  4. Sounds like everyone had a great day! Don't you love when it works out like that?

  5. Yay for the first day of school!

    Eve would LOVE to ride the bus but there isn't bus service for her school, where we were living in New Mexico :(

    Sounds like you all had a fun first day AND a wonderful sounding weekend! I am taking my kids to the state fair too but it doesn't start until the end of August :)



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