Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Brought to You by the USO

Whew, it is has been a crazy week around here. Tyler has dance twice a week, Meet the Teacher Night was last night, school starts tomorrow, and then my parents are coming up for the weekend. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. In fact, I welcome the busy schedule! I am hoping it makes time fly by a little bit faster!

On Monday night, David got to to go a Mark Chestnutt concert that was put on by the USO. He had the best time. He got a break from the 1st half of his shift, got to go to another base that is an hour away, and get a good morale boost! Let's face it, those guys and gals deserve it!

And just because I haven't posted a picture of these 2 adorable kids lately! Today is our last day of summer and we are having a great day!! Oh and ignore the quality of the picture, I took it with my cell phone.

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  1. How is it that the summer already over? I can't believe how fast it flew by...even though I didn't get a summer "break". I'm glad you're staying busy! And I hope you have fun with your parents this weekend!

  2. Wow, I can't believe it's time for kids to go back to school! Where in the world did summer go!?!? I'm glad the hubs got to enjoy himself over there!

  3. I can NOT believe school is starting again. (not like I Have to go, but still...) Seriously, it feels like summer just started!

    Cute pic of the 2 of them! Have fun with your parents this weekend!

  4. I have heard it said that the best camera is the camera you have in your hand. Because that camera is WAY better than no camera!

    I can't believe the summer is over already. Time flew!

    Happy first day of school tomorrow!


    p.s. YAY for David and his concert! That is really awesome!


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