Monday, August 17, 2009

A Letter to Daddy

Dear Daddy,
Nannie and Peepaw/Poppa came to see us this weekend. We had so much fun. Today is their 30th Anniversary! Mommy told us that 30 years is a REALLY LONG time!!
We went to the Missouri State Fair. It was so much fun, but it rained after being there for an hour and a half. I couldn't ride the big roller coaster, but they had one for kids. It was super fun!

Daddy, the boats were more my speed. But I did love riding on the bumble bees that went really high in the air. It was so cool!!

On Sunday, we went shopping at Mommy's favorite place, LEGENDS!! You know how much she loves to shop there. She bought lots of new clothes at Gap. She had Nannie take this picture of her so she could email it to you!!

Daddy guess what!! Nannie and Peepaw found some cowboy boots that I could fit my feet into. I love them, but they are a little hard to walk in. Mommy told me that I look like a little cowboy now. Maybe she will let me run in the mud in these shoes.

When we got home from shopping, we went outside to play with the bubbles. It was really cool outside! We had so much fun playing with Nannie and Peepaw.

Daddy, I loved stepping on the bubbles!! Can you see them in the grass, look closely.

We decided to get in your truck and play. Landon always points at your truck and says, Daddy's truck. We are taking good care of your precious truck for you. I decided to take a moment and daydream of the day you get back home.

I like to look into your truck. I keep thinking that you are in your truck!!

Tyler was making a heart with her hands to show that she loves you. I got really sad, I miss you so much!!

We miss you Daddy. We are blowing kisses to you!! We love you and cannot wait for you to get home!!
Tyler and Landon
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  1. This is so sweet! Glad you had fun with your parents! And Legends, of course, you know how I feel about that place. :)

    Your house looks so nice too, btw! :)

  2. Aw, I'm sure your hubs loved this post!

  3. So sweet and such a good idea...

    I hate it when I see my kids get sad about Daniel being gone. :(

    Glad you had a fun weekend! And you had some fabulous shopping it sounds like :) It looks like it was lovely to have your parents visiting!




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