Sunday, July 19, 2009

Old Videos

I have really been reminiscing the past two days. It all started when I decided to add some songs to my blog. Then I wrote the post, Our Song (scroll down). And then I found all of these videos that I made for David when he was deployed to Iraq the first time. Tyler heard me playing the song, Already There and she lost it. We used to listen to that song when David was deployed to Iraq. I couldn't believe that she remember that. She has really had a hard time with this deployment. It creeps up more on her at night. Which is understandable, I am the same way. A few years ago, my mom bought Tyler a children's book, I Hope You Dance, and it had the cd of Sara Evans singing the song. Well on the back of the book, I saw that they have the same book with the words to Already There. I am gong to check out Amazon today and order it for the kids. We look at lots of pictures of David and he made the kids a video on his camera and emailed it to them today. They were so excited. Landon was kissing my laptop. They love and miss their daddy so much!

I attached some of the videos that I made David from his deployment to Iraq. The last video is very special to us. I made a video of pictures from everyone in our family. (SSSHHH, somehow I missed my sister but she doesn't read the blog so we are ok.) The video made me really sad and happy. David has lost his father and I have lost my grandfather since this video was made. And there are new additions to our family since the video. It is a video that we will always cherish and show the kids. I hope you enjoy the video and be sure to push pause on the music at the bottom of the blog so you can hear the videos!

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  1. Those are so sweet! Your wedding photos are so beautiful and you were such a pretty bride :)

  2. I've noticed that nights are always when it gets the hardest. I think almost anyone with a loved one can agree on that. I love the photos!

  3. I love the videos! Not as much as I love all 4 of you though. I will say a prayer for all of you that things will get easier. I know they won't until David gets home, but a prayer may help you until then......

  4. Your homecoming video was wonderful and brought tears to my eyes! :) Homecoming day is always something to look forward to... Also the video you made while he was gone is priceless. I'm sure that he enjoyed having that while he was gone!

  5. As soon as I opened this post I remembered the sweet videos. The military gives us plenty of reasons to miss them, but that's what makes the homecoming part so amazing. In a way, I am grateful for the opportunity to miss my husband. I think it makes me less likely to take him for granted!


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