Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What a week it has been. Tyler started swim lessons on Monday! She is having a blast!! The community center in the neighboring town is AMAZING! I am planning on taking my camera tomorrow to get some good pics! We also signed Tyler up for dance lessons that start next month. She will be taking ballet, tap, and jazz!! She is so excited so we went shopping for some dance wear today. I really do not have too much to blog about today! David is headed to another base in Kuwait for some training. He won't be back until Sunday or Monday. We won't be able to talk on yahoo and he isn't sure if he will be able to call. SIGH! On the bright side, maybe I can make myself go to bed earlier so I can catch up on so much needed sleep!!! Ok, enough of the boring blog post!

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  1. Sometimes it's nice to be boring....Take a bunch of photos of the mermaid at swim lessons.........Jo

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you won't get to speak to him for a few days. That's always hard. That's great news about the dance classes. When I was a little girl I use to love going to mine!


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