Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oh the Country Life is for Me!!!!

We love going to Arkansas. In fact, every day since we have been back, Tyler has asked me when we can get at that base in AR because everyone in Arkansas has big back yards. We have always had small backyards in base housing. If we ever got stationed in Little Rock, her bubble will be burst if we had a small yard again!!

Another thing that the kids love about Arkansas is getting to ride Buckeye. My mom and dad bought a pony this year for the grandkids. Buckeye used to ride in horse shows so he is trained very well. He is great with the kiddos. My mom is teaching Tyler how to ride Buckeye and how to take care of him. On our last day home, Tyler rode Buckeye without mom guiding him! I couldn't believe it. She still has a lot to learn but she was very comfortable riding him and asked her Nannie when she would be able to ride in horse shows!
You can't tell, but Landon is riding in this picture. I was having to hide because Landon was having a rough day and wanted me to hold him all day long!!
Nannie (my mom) and Tyler
She has really fallen in love with riding!!
Nannie is teaching Tyler how to brush Buckeye. You have to learn how to take care of a horse if you are going to ride! That is the rule!! Tyler loves it! She asked me the other day who was taking care of Buckeye while she isn't in AR. OMG! That girl is crazy!!
I love this picture!
She loves Buckeye!

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  1. how fun!!! looks like she is in love with the horse :)

  2. Ducks and Geese!!! Aww, these pictures made me miss being in NC! there's always ducks and geese coming off the lake behind our house there.

    It looks like you had a great time! The pony is too cute!


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