Friday, July 17, 2009

A Military Spouse's Rant

The hubby asked me to update the blog! It turns out that he does check it out every day and really missed my posts while we were in AR!! AAAWWW, I love ya babe! Truth is, I have felt very blah all week and I just didn't want to do a post where it sounded like I was doing nothing but whining!! I am tired of this base!! I miss all of my girls in Utah. We had a blast when our hubby's were deployed. Well, as much fun as you can considering the circumstances. We had each others backs. When one of us was down, the rest of us were there for a distraction. David's squadron always called to check in on us lonely spouses. The commander's wife always had a family event once a month. I was working and had a great group of women that I worked with that kept me laughing. This time around, I do not have any friends. Every time I meet someone at this base, they turn around and up and PCS on me! WHAT NERVE! I Kid, I Kid! Well, sort of!!

This deployment, I can't even get someone to come out and check my lawn mower that keeps dying on me! ARGH!! Guess who is off to buy a new lawn mower tomorrow!! Ok, enough whining! I am really trying not to whine. I know you are thinking, OH CRAP, here she goes again!! I will STOP! I promise! But the truth is, I am just a cranky person when David is gone!! I will be back to me when he gets back!!

And one more thing, on a more positive note! Since I know my love is reading this, I want to brag on him for a minute! He got an AWESOME EPR (evaluation) by his supervisor who you could call a HARD ASS!! NO LIE!! I read it and thought, wow I have no clue what this means but it sounds impressive. But the last sentence caught my attention!! PROMOTE TO TECH SERGEANT RIGHT NOW! OMG!! I wish it was that easy though!! I am so proud of you babe!! And he has also volunteered for a mortuary job while he is deployed. I know, that doesn't sound like a great gig to me either. But as he puts it, how much more HONORABLE of a job is it to honor the fallen soldiers. Who can argue with that logic. He will leave his base for a few days next week for training. He promised to take lots of pics (Not of the training!). I am excited for him! Congrats babe, you continue to make me proud! I will try to make you proud while you are gone!! I LOVE YOU!!!

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  1. Keep your chin up! and keep blogging!!... Jo

  2. congrats to your hubby <3 thats great!! & dont feel cranky when my man is gone too !

  3. That's awesome that he got a great eval. Matt goes his right before R&R and he was seriously excited by it.

    I'm sorry that you're having a rough time right now. I hate HATE dealing with the lawn while Matt is away. That's the one area he completely dealt with and I've been about 2 seconds from calling a lawn company all summer to come deal with it.

    I hope you're able to find some ladies there who won't be PCS'ing anytime soon! Email me if you need someone!

  4. Yeah that is so good he got a great review like that! I know it's hard with him gone - boo! When Terence was gone some of the guys from his shop would come over and mow our lawn. I never mowed it once! You need to call in a favor honey :P Glad you are doing well and hang in there! Becky

  5. Hi! I'm a fellow military wife!! I dont remember how I stumbled across your blog, but I thought I'd say hello! Don't feel bad about being cranky when your hubby is gone! I am the same way when mine leaves! Sometimes a good rant is just what you need! Hang in there! :)

  6. Congrats on the "promotion" LMAO!!!

  7. Yeah for a good EPR! Getting a good rater is so important. That's so exciting!

    I'm with you on the friend thing. So many of mine moved this summer. boo!


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