Friday, July 31, 2009

My Little Fish

Yesterday was Tyler's last day of swim lessons! I cannot believe how far she came in just two weeks!! I am so proud of her!!! The picture below is not that great. The sun was so bright that she was squinting. But I had to get a pic on the last day of class.
This picture is Tyler's swimming class and one of their instructors. The instructor in the picture was amazing with the kids. For a college age guy, I was very impressed. He was patient but firm with the kids. He should be a teacher!!

I am enjoying getting the recipes from this post. Keep the recipes coming!! I thought of a great prize for the recipe that my kids fall in love with the most!! I will give you a hint, it is something that Kansas City is known for!!

Last night, I made this dish that I found on Cookbook Jungle (I love the name and I loved Lipstick Jungle, I miss that show!).
I am sure this isn't how they are supposed to look. My food never turns out pretty. Anywho, it is called Biscuit BBQ cups. Tyler gave it 2 Thumbs Up. Landon couldn't sit down long enough to eat. I devoured this little pieces of heaven! And the recipe is so easy!! I am all about easy meals. I was a little worried how they would taste after being reheated, they were GREAT!! Caroline, THANK YOU!! This will be a meal that we cook again. I sent David this picture and he said, yummy, looks like sloppy joes. I let him know very quickly that it tastes way better than sloppy joes and i would know because I am not a fan!!

Tomorrow we are off to go shopping with Allison and Jenna. I am so excited to get away from this base!! Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Yum! I've made those BBQ cups before too but they turned out dry. It was just after we moved to New Mexico and I think it was an altitude issue.

    Hooray for Tyler on her swimming lessons! I'm glad that she enjoyed it!


  2. Those Biscuit BBQ cups look yummy! I'm glad the swimming lessons went well. And her swimsuit is adorable! Do they make those for adults? =)


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