Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Ok, so here is the deal! I have been slacking on cooking lately!! The kids are hit and miss lately! They could eat mac and cheese or a frozen pizza every night and be happy!! When they do this, I do not eat! So here is where I need your help! I need your fav, kid friendly recipes! But I cannot make it that easy on you, the recipes cannot contain eggs or peanuts! Poor Landon and his allergies!. Also, we think he is allergic to fish so that is a big no too! I am also thinking about a little prize for my fav recipe! I am not sure yet what the prize will be. This would be a first for me. So send ideas for a prize also! Can't wait to try out those yummy recipes!

These recipes can also be fun snacks that you can make with the kiddos. We love making fun snacks together. You can post your recipe in the comments or post on your blog and leave the link in your comment!! HHHMMM, my mouth is watering in anticipation.

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  1. Check out my recipe blog at! I only do easy!

  2. I've emailed you some recipes - I wasn't sure abt pasta - is there eggless pastra you can use?

  3. It's been raining all day here so I'm going with the old stand by: Grilled Cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

    Also something really kid friendly is chicken nuggets and homemade fries.

  4. My kid's favorite is Mexican Rice and Beans. You can find it under the recipe tab on my blog. If I knew how to do an in-comment link... I would. But I don't :)



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