Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I got pictures!!!

Look what I got when I checked my email this morning!!

116, that's not too bad!!!

I am guessing that this is where he works.
I got pics, but no captions.

Once again, I am guessing these are his dorms.
Much nicer than what he had in Iraq.
I got to talk to David on yahoo messenger for about 30 minutes last night! It was great. The internet is going to be our main source of communication on this deployment. We are going to try Skype tonight. He is gong to the BX (hhmmm, not sure if it is PX over there.) and buy a webcam. Hopefully his slow computer will be able to use Skpye.
Speaking of slow computers.... Does anyone know anything about this little bad boy:
It sounds like it is made for the internet. It is an awesome price. I am thinking about it. I sent David the link to check it out. When he sent me the email with the pics he said, "OMG, please go buy my that computer. It took me 30 minutes to download pics." HA!! We will see!!

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  1. I don't know anything about that computer but it sounds cool. I am so glad you got PICTURES! Yeah! Those dorms are so much nicer than tents...wow! I love the sign in the first picture that just cracks me up! LOL! Hopefully you will be able to skype tonight and see your honey :) <3 Becky

  2. That's so great that you woke up to pictures! That's always an awesome treat. I'm glad that he's got nice accommodations there, with that insane amount of heat I'm sure he's got AC as well!

    Skype is amazing! It was a life savor for the first 4 months of Matt's deployment. Where he's at now, their internet is too slow to skype, yet we have yahoo messenger. I really do not know how people made it through vietnam and WW2 without the net!

  3. what a sweet hubby to send u pics!! hang in there girl!


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