Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gotta Represent, Even in Kuwait

David sent me an email this afternoon telling me that he decorated his locker and it looks awesome. Tonight we get on yahoo messenger and he sends me the picture!!

I loved it!!! Do you notice anything about the locker next to his?

He also told me that he survived his first sandstorm for this deployment. They lost electricity for 30 minutes.

Skype was a BUST!! He tried to download the program but their server kept blocking it. I was very disappointed. I was really hoping this would work so the kids could talk to their daddy. Tyler has been having a hard time and I really thought Skype would help! Oh well!!

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  1. Matt's still stuck in Kuwait as well. When he called me today he was telling me about that sandstorm. Apparently it was a rough one. If Matt's still there tomorrow we should have them look for each other! I know matt is really lonely because he's going back to iraq from his R&R and has NONE of his unit with him.

    I'm sorry that skype didn't work. If he has a macbook you could always try the ichat program. Also on yahoo there's a web cam feature but no sound. Skype is awesome but it really does take a good internet connection. I hope he can get it working! Oh, if you ever need to talk to someone feel free to get ahold of me.

  2. Awe! I love his locker-way to REPRESENT! LOL! and sorry about the Skype...that is stinky!


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