Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Crazy Kind of Love

While I was slaving (ok, maybe not slaving) over dinner for the 3 of us, I checked my facebook. What do I see? David updates his status saying he is in Charleston. How do I reply? I have to get on facebook to get an update?! HA!! I sent him a text telling him thanks for the status. I could see his face as he got the text! His little mischievous grin. He sends me a text back that says "HA!!" Oh how I love that man!! He calls me 30 minutes later and says, we were still on the plane!! We have one of those relationships where we love to give each other a hard time. It is a good thing we can do it through facebook comments or texts and still know that the other is not serious! I love that about us!

Yesterday, I took the kids to see Up. I was nervous because it was Landon's first time to go see a movie. (Funny tid bit, Tyler's first movie was while David was deployed! Just keeping the tradition alive!) He did really good! Did he sit still, no not really. He would sit in my lap, sit in his seat, stand in front of me. But he had a great time. Tyler came home and wrote out a summary of the movie for her daddy. She has made at least a dozen cards for him already! Postage is going to put me in the poor house during this deployment!!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!

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  1. Hi Ashley! Thanks for the nice comments! I just wanted to come over to your blog to "meet" you. My sister's husband is in the Army. Went to Iraq a few years ago and just left for 1 year in Korea. They have a 22 month old, so I was instantly taken to your military lifestyle. Prayers to your husband...and to your whole family.

  2. Hey Ashley! That is awesome you made the Chicken Crescents! I'm so glad ya'll liked them. I'll have to make them sometime next week & post the recipe on my blog. I usually end up boiling chicken & then shredding it b/c I think it tastes better. But, if your in a rush, the bagged chicken is fine.
    <3 Bon


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