Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Boy and The Shoes

On Monday, I took the kids shopping for new tennis shoes for school.  Taking Landon shopping for shoes is like shopping with a teenager.  He NEVER wants the shoes that you like and there is no giving in.  The boy knows what he wants.  He may or may not get that from his mother.

I handed the salesperson 2 different pairs of shoes that were on sale.  He comes back and I try them on Landon.  I like one pair and of course Landon LOVES the other pair.  He grabs the shoes and looks at me and says, "Mom these shoes I can play basketball, golf, and soccer."  As you can guess, he got the shoes he wanted.  They were both the same price so who was I to argue with his logic.

The picture is not a great shot of the shoes, but he is still very proud of them.  Of course an hour after we get home, he steps in dog poo!

While I am on the subject on my sports fanatic 3 year old, he has a new obsession with golf.  I have no idea where this came from.  The only person in our families who plays golf is my brother-in-law (my sister's husband).  Landon is dying to take golf lessons.  If a ball is involved, then this boy wants to play!  Perhaps we should get him golf clubs for Christmas!!
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  1. I learned if they get what you want they won't wear it - as long as it didn't break the rules- to short of skirts, parts exposed that weren't suppose to be we let them decide. One thing when yours get older that we found is we gave them x amt for school clothes (let say $100 plus $20 for shoes and $20 for a backpack)they could spend it on 1 item or 20 but that is all they got - and they had to get shoes and a backpack - you would be amazed how they made those pennies squeal - there were no fights pleading over I have to have this etc they actually made gd choices - even shopping 2nd hand and I only spent what I had a alloted

  2. I remember the days. My brother loved his "fast" shoes. :)

  3. How funny! Looks like the boy has good taste! I like his new shoes. We just took Noah to play golf for the first time a couple of days ago and he loved it too! Jeff has been dying to get him clubs and lessons...of course Jeff LOVES playing golf so I think he's secretly looking for a new partner to play with. : ) You should get Landon some clubs...some of those golf players make lots of money!!

  4. Those are cute!!! I'm sure they'll get a ton of use!


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