Thursday, July 15, 2010

Public Service Announcement

As many of you know, Landon has severe food and environmental allergies.  It isn't fun, but we are at the point where we feel that we are finally getting a handle on it.  His allergy doctor and pediatrician doctors have warned us that they are 99.9% sure that he will suffer from asthma due to his allergies, eczema, and family history (I have asthma).

Ok, no problem!  I have asthma.  I know what to look for and how to handle it.  But it is different when you are standing in the shoes as the mother of a child with asthma.  We have not had a full blown attack, but I got my first glimpse this past weekend.

We were at my niece's first birthday party!  Today is her birthday, Happy Bday AC!!  Anyways, Landon was having a great time.  My sister made sure that she didn't serve any food with nuts or eggs.  Well obviously the cake had eggs, but she made Landon his special cupcakes and he was on top of the world.

As my niece was opening her presents, Landon had a crazy sneezing attack.  It was one sneeze after the other.  In between the sneezes, I could hear the wheezing.  My heart dropped.  His eyes were beginning to swell and were watery.  He has never had an attack like this before.  We have only had to deal with hives.  My sister's friend and my brother-in-law ran and got him some Benadryl.  He cleared up instantly and slept for 14 hours straight.  Since last Saturday, Landon has had a barking cough at night.  I remember that cough, a symptom of asthma.

I am telling you all this to lead up to a post from one of my favorite bloggers.  Her oldest son (5 years old) also suffers from allergies, eczema, and asthma.  About 9 months ago, her son was put on Singulair to control the barking cough that comes along with asthma.  I do not want to tell her story, but any parent needs to read this post.  It is scary and hit so close to home for me.  Landon's doctor's have talked about putting him on Singulair.

PLEASE go read her experience here.

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  1. Oh no! Poor Landon! I am about to go read her post...that is so scary!

  2. Aw, poor Landon! I hope everything gets under control.


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