Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Wanna BE LIke You

Since David got home from his last deployment, Tyler has become a Daddy's Girl! I gotta admit, I am eating it up and so is he! So it was no surprise when Tyler wanted to do the Daddy and Me dance for her recital. David, well lets just say that it took a little bit more convincing and BEGGING on my part! As you can see, he gave in. As if he actually had a choice! :-)

Last night was dress rehearsal. Although this is not what they are wearing for the recital. David is in the white t-shirt and khaki shorts and Tyler is in the red and white costume with the white tutu with red trim. I pretty much have the camera on them the whole time. I accidentally chopped off David's head a few times. OOPS! Enjoy!

Oh and if you do not hear from me anymore, I may no longer be living. David is going to kill me when he comes home and finds out that I posted this on Facebook and the blog!! But I am a proud Mamma and Wife. I could not think of a better way to spend our anniversary!!

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  1. Look at all those sweet Daddies!! I'm getting all teared up! That is so special. She will remember that her whole life. Thanks for posting!

  2. What a great thing! Those young ladies will remember this forever..Thanks so much for sharing put a smile on our faces....David I knew you were a gd man and awesome Dad when we met you!

  3. Haha! That's adorable! :)

  4. Too cute!! What a special time for both of them!

  5. Haha, I love it! He was such a good sport!

  6. OMG that's toooooo cute!!! I'm in no hurry for Lucy to grow up but now I can't wait till her and G.I. Joe get to do stuff like that.

    I'm so glad you all are getting the Daddy's girl experiences like that.


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