Tuesday, May 11, 2010

HHHMMMM, Where to Begin

I can always tell how busy a semester is going by looking to see when I last updated the blog!!  Yeah, it was a crazy semester, but I am proud to say that I am officially DONE with undergrad classes!!  WHEW!! I lack student teaching in the fall and will graduate in December!  So much has happened and I do not know where to begin!  I think a bullet list is in order!!

  • David was coined by the base commander.  Who just happens to be a General!  I am so stinking proud of him!!  He did not know that he was getting coined, it was a surprise!  So unfortunately, I do not have a picture!  :-(  
  • The 1st and 3rd graders had a play at school.  It was so cute!  I felt like I had so many children up there to watch!  I taught at a 3rd grade class at Tyler's school this semester!!  I tried to post a video clip, but it was taking way too long!!
  • Easter was kind of low key this year.  We had big plans of going to church and then eating lunch at a friend's house.  That was until Saturday night when David's work phone went off.  Duty calls!! 
  • The kids are getting so big!!  Landon's last day of PreK is tomorrow.  He is actually at home hanging out with me today.  Tyler's last day of school is May 25.  Stupid snow days pushed the last day back a week.  Oh well, what do ya do?  They aren't getting a Spring Break next year!          
  • Tyler is getting ready for her dance recital at the end of this month!  It is nonstop dance in this house!!  Her and David are doing a father's/daughter's dance.  When I signed them up, I assumed it would be a slow paced song.  HHMMM, they are dancing to I Want To Be Like You from the Jungle Book.  I am thinking there will be a BIG Father's Day present for this! 
  • Landon had more allergy tests done!  The poor guy is allergic to EVERYTHING!!  Ok, maybe not everything!  We knew he was allergic to eggs and peanuts.  Now we now that he is also allergic to ragweed, dogs, cats, and a few other things.  The poor boy adores dogs! Yesterday afternoon, Tyler was telling me that she tried Lima Beans at school and loved them.  Landon said, "Mom, I can't eat vegetables, they have eggs in them!"  It was all I could do to keep from busting out laughing!  He is too smart for his own good!
  • I am now a Key Spouse for David's squadron.  He has a great commander, for right now, and he was practically begging spouses to sign up for this job.  I felt bad!  
  • We are going to a Royals game this weekend!  The USO had free tickets!  Kind of excited!  I am a Cardinals fan, but baseball games are so much fun!!   

Well I guess that is about it!  I will try and get back in a routine of posting on the good ole blog!  And catch up on reading blogs!!  Sorry for a boring post!  Now I am off to meet one of my teachers that I will be student teaching with in the fall!!  AAWWW, so EXCITED!!!        
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  1. Not boring to me....Way to go David!! The kids are growing so fast - can't wait to see Daddy and Dtr dance photos. We were talking the other day abt the time Chuck and Devon went to Pancakes for Pops it was sooo stinkin cute! these are things that they remember always

  2. Thats awesome congrats David! Yay for being done with undergrad classes!! :)

  3. Hey! Nice to see you again! :)

    I have no idea what it means to be coined, but congratulations just the same :)

  4. Welcome back!! I missed reading your blog :) Yay for finishing your undergrad!! Want to start my second Master's degree for me ??

    CONGRATS for the hubby in being coined. Great Honor!!


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