Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tyler's 7th Birthday

To celebrate  Tyler's birthday, we went to Chuck E Cheese.  Somehow Daddy manages to miss out on the good times at Chuck E Cheese.  The past two times we have gone, he was deployed or TDY!!  FIGURES!!  

The kids had the best time!  Landon was really into this time around.  He wanted to put the tokens in all by himself.  He was less interested in the rides and more into the games.  Granted some of the rides were games.  But he was more into the big kid games!  Shesh, you would think he was the one turning 7 today!!  

I decided not to take my Cannon DSLR today.  It was going to be enough to keep up with tokens, tickets, and coats.  I am one person! HA!!  I just took pictures with my iPhone and took some videos on my new Flip Camcorder!  I am in love with that thing.  It stays in my purse at all times!!  

HHHMMM, maybe a future pilot?

I love Tyler's face in this picture!!  

Landon was more fascinated with the singing animals than a pic for his momma!!

Ok, let me explain this picture!  We were at Hobby Lobby and Tyler saw these masks that you could paint and decorate.  This is right up her alley.  I was a little shocked that she painted her blue and black.  She has worn it ever since it dried and it always catches me off guard and scares the crud out of me!!  

While at Hobby Lobby, I found this little beauty!!  I fell in LOVE!!  I want this so bad for my classroom.  My students could practice their spelling words, math problems, and the so much more!!  It was on sale half off too!!  The only problem, there is no way it was fitting in my car!  

I hope everyone is having a Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
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  1. Did you buy it? Its so cute!

    Looks like y'all had fun!

  2. your kids are too cute!!

    and I saw that chalkboard yesterday!!!! I love it as well!!!!! the one at our hobby lobby was still a little expensive even for being half off

  3. Looks like Tyler had a WONDERFUL birthday!


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