Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Tribute to the Fallen

A Marine's wife needs your prayers.  Her husband was killed in Afghanistan and the have a beautiful baby girl.  Click here to go to her blog and read her story.

David is currently TDY to Alabama in training for mortuary.  After this training he will become the NCOIC (Noncommissioned Officer in Charge) of active duty deaths on our base.

I have seen a new passion in David's eyes and voice.  He is so honored to help the families lay their loved ones to rest.  The deaths are not war related.  Dover AFB makes all arrangements for the military who have paid the ultimate sacrifice overseas.  David told me yesterday that he now wants to deploy to Dover.

On previous deployments, David has draped flags over soldiers' caskets and saluted the soldiers as their coffins were rolled off the planes.  We must always honor our fallen heroes.  This past deployment, David volunteered for a few days to get the fallen soldiers ready for their next destination to Dover.  I do not know the details, it isn't one of those things he talked about.  But he was honored to do what he could.

This war is in year 7 and it is easy to forget about those who are still fighting and those families who will never see their loved ones again.  But the war is still going on and there are soldiers who will never see their loved ones again.

I am so proud of David and the small part he is playing to help ease the pain of the families.  It may not be much and no one can ever replace their loved ones, but he truly cares and respects the sacrifice they have made.

Please remember this family and all families who have lost their loved ones to protect us.
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  1. What an amazing man, to have such a heart!

  2. I know we're all joining together to pray for Rachel and Ariana. May our husbands all outlive us.

  3. It is the fear of every military spouse - that car pulling up with 2 uniformed people and one being a chaplain. It is honorable that David wants to do this.........


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