Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hello Sunshine!!

The temps may still be really cold, but the sun is out and it has been an AWESOME day!!!!  Well there were a few bumps throughout the day!!

This is our third base in almost nine years.  For those of you who are military, you know how Security Forces LOVE to sit and radar.  If the sun is out, you better make sure you are going the speed limit.  So it is sunny today and I made sure that I stayed at 15 in the neighborhood, 30 on the main streets, and sat a little bit longer at the stop sign.  So imagine my surprise when I  hear the sirens behind me!!  SERIOUSLY!!So I pull over and the guy asks me if I have a front license plate.

Back story:  Missouri has to have the front and back license plate.  Well back in the fall, David took the front license plate off and put on a razorback license plate that my mom bought me.  It is pretty common in MO that people only have one plate on their vehicle.  I warned him that I would get pulled over on base, because I get pulled over at least once ever 6 months on this base! NO LIE!!

OK, so back to being pulled over.  I kind of play dumb and was trying not to act annoyed because I had an interview to be at in 45 minutes.  He asks for my driver's license, registration, and insurance.  My luck, my drivers license took what seemed like 5 minutes to get out of my billfold.  Then I go looking for my registration and insurance.  I looked and looked and couldn't find it.  The SF said, it has a bar on the top in a hurry the hell up attitude.  I replied, yes I am aware!!!  UGH!  He then tells me to just give him my insurance.  I am really annoyed at this point and let him know that I am looking for it too.  I am stressing out at this point and it turns out that it was in my lap the whole time!  OMG!!  So what do I do when he walks back to run my license.  Call and yell at David.  (Yes, I called him later and apologized!)  All that and he lets me go.  I was grateful I didn't get a ticket, but so annoyed!!!!

I never got pulled over at Lakenheath or Hill, this base is killing me!!!

So I am off to my mock interview with an asst. superintendent of a local school districts.  I have been preparing for the interview and he throws me a major curve ball and asked questions that I had not prepared for.  I had questions from principals and career services to help me prepare!  I am sweating at this point.

Turns out, I NAILED the interview.  He told me that the questions were taken from focus groups and they are looking for key elements in your answers and grade high, medium, or low.  All of my questions were high minus two that were medium.  And he told me that one of my answers was the best reply he has ever heard!  I about fell out!  He gave me tips to make me look even more marketable!  I was blown away.  He kept my resume and his notes from the interview.  I told him I would see him next spring for a real interview!  He laughed and said, I hope so!!  I am seriously on a high right now!  SO STINKING EXCITED!!!

Then I rushed to pick up Landon and we were off to his allergy tests.  Wow, it is crazy how fast his back swelled up from the tests.  We found out he is allergic to dogs, cats, and ragweeds, and he is still allergic to eggs and peanuts.  Poor Landon LOVES animals!!!  He goes back in 6 weeks and may run more tests then.  But at least we have proof of what we thought he was allergic too!  Poo on those other allergy doctors who told me I was crazy and he doesn't have any more allergies!!  Geez, I am just his mother!  I don't know anything!!

Oh and then I got a package from American Girl with all the goodies that I ordered Tyler for her birthday!  Such an awesome day!!  I hope you are having one too!!!

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  1. Wow, you had quite the day! But it sounds like overall it was a good one - no ticket, great interview, pretty sunshine, American Girl stuff (I always LOVED American Girl stuff!).

  2. Way to rock the interview!! That's awesome! And don't you HATE it when you can't find your papers to show a cop? It feels like it's taking forever to dig around with all that pressure on you. I NEVER have current insurance cards. I'm always handing over ones from 2007. Glad you had a good day!

  3. Well our boys could be best friends with their allergies! It would be easy to take them out to eat together!

    we should swap recipes....

  4. Congrats on doing so well! It's good that you found out the stuff he's allergic too, poor guy. Maybe he'll grow out of it later.

  5. Poor Landon!
    That sucks you got pulled over! :( But yay about the interview!


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