Sunday, February 7, 2010

Furniture and Birthday

I finally downloaded the pictures off my camera from Landon's birthday!  I still have some on David's camera from our birthday trip to KC for the weekend.  Here are some of little man's 3rd birthday at home.

He got John Deere boots!!  He has worn them every day since his birthday.  He calls them his cool boots!
Landon was so excited about his Vtech V-motion.
He got some games for his V-Motion and some movies.  He had a great birthday!  We had such a fun time watching him get excited about his presents!!  

Here are some pictures of our new couches!  I am in LOVE with them.
This picture is really dark.  I had all the lights on.  Why does base housing always have CRAPPY lighting?
I am on the hunt for some drapes!  I can't wait for my mom to come up this weekend and go shopping for accessories and drapes.  She is awesome and decorating and always finds the best deals!!  

In other news, David spent all weekend trying to fix our broken down dryer!  UGH!!  We thought it was the heating element.  He ordered the part and no luck.  It still is not working!  He tried a few other tricks and still no luck.  We are calling in a repair man to come and take a look.  I am hoping we do not need a new dryer.  If so, well at least we have the tax refund coming in!  WHEW!!  Do you have any suggestions for a new dryer?  
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