Thursday, December 17, 2009

What is going on..........

This past Saturday night, I had a night full of Christmas fun all planned out.  This should have been my first clue that something would go wrong.  I mean, you can never make plans and expect it to come out perfect.  Tyler LOVES hot chocolate.  I thought it would be fun to make some from scratch.  I have never tried before.  We found a recipe for peppermint hot chocolate.  It was delish and so easy.  Landon and David made egg-free cupcakes too.  We had so much fun sipping on our hot chocolate and eating our cupcakes.  Talk about lots of chocolate, I was in heaven.  Landon was confused on the whole hot chocolate thing.  I poured his in a tall cup and he couldn't get to the marshmallows.  We ended up just giving him some to eat.  After our desert, before dinner (we are such rebels), we got out to look at the Christmas lights.  Clue number two that plans would not go great, it was raining.  I blew the rain off, it was more of a mist after all.  Heck, you aren't getting perfect weather in Missouri.  You have to go with it or stay at home.

So we load the kids up in the car and David tells me to drive because apparently I know the big town (hhhmmm, not so much) better than he does.  We drove through some houses on base and then headed off base.  The kids were really enjoying the lights.  Landon is really into them this year.  In fact, he got very annoyed when houses didn't have lights.  (OOPS, we don't have lights!)  So at one point during our fun family festivities, Landon pulls open the car door handle.  What, the child lock wasn't on?  Yeah, news to me too!  Luckily the door didn't open, but all my alarms were going off.  We are about to go through an intersection, so I slowed down and started pulling over after we got through.  As I am half way off the road we someone decides to help us get all the way off the road.

Yep, I got rear ended.  UGH!!  I couldn't even get out of the car to see the damage.  I was sick.  David calls the police and gets out of the car.  WONDERFUL, it was a teenager.  He told David that he put on his brakes, but the roads were too wet and he hit me.  I didn't hear screeching tires, but whatever. His dad shows up, then his girlfriends dad shows up.  Yep, she was in the truck with him.  Twenty minutes later the cops show up.  No tickets were issued!  The cop said he would let the insurance companies settle it out.

Here is my poor car!!  She goes into the shop today.  I will miss you Black Beauty!!

If funnier news, Tyler pulled her third tooth since Thanksgiving.  She is really starting to look like a hillbilly!!  Needless to say, she needs to ask for more than her 2 front teeth for Christmas.  I knew the comments were coming, I said it for ya!  LOL!

Landon had an eye appt yesterday.  We have laughed at the boy for months because he always looks over his glasses.  Well it turns out that his eyes are not adjusting well to his glasses.  His prescription was a strong one.  So his dr cut it in half for now to see if this will help.

IT has been a very eventful week around here!!  GEEZ!!  Although next week I will be complaining about how bored I am!!  David has to work til around noon on Christmas Eve.  WHich means we cannot travel to AR until after he gets off work.  So my mom and dad are meeting us half way on Sunday to pick up the kids.  They are so excited!  I am wondering what I will do for 3 days, at home, with no car!  HHHMMMM, this minus kids thing sounds kind of boring.

Ok, sorry for the long post!!  My fingers kept typing away!!  Don't forget about asking questions for my 100th post.  I thought of a good give away!!   I will reveal it tomorrow!!

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  1. Ooo... good idea on the questions. I have my 100th post coming up after the next two, but I don't think I have enough readers to ask for questions!

    Questions for you:

    1. What is the hardest thing about being a MilSpouse?

    2. What is the best thing about being a MilSpouse?

    3. What advice would you give a new MilSpouse?

    4. What is the funniest nickname you have for your husband?

    5. What is the funniest nickname he has for you?

    6. What is your worst "OMG, I'm a horrible parent" moment?

    7. What is your proudest "mommy" moment?

    8. If you could choose to be stationed anywhere... where would you go?

    9. If one of your children came to you in high school and said, "I'm not going to college, I'm joining the military." What would you say?

    10. What is your idea of a perfect day?

  2. Oh no! I am so sorry about your car...that stinks especially around Christmas time! Tyler looks so cute with her little snaggletooth! Those are the times you will remember

  3. Sorry to hear about your car!

    I must have missed something with the questions.
    Here's mine:

    Let's say you get to pick David's job. Would you pick something else or stay the same?

    What are some of the biggest differences in living in England and living here?

    And when are we going to go shopping again? LOL :)

  4. What is it with people in Missouri? My father in law was rear ended too!! It sucks to have your other 'baby' hurt and in the shop- no fun!

  5. Sorry abt your accident- luckily no one was hurt. Love Tyler's smile..Great questions from a sailors wife

  6. Wow! Well I'm glad that everyone was ok! It looks like they did some major damage!

  7. Life is BUSY and slightly dangerous!! :)

    Tyler's smile is fantastic. She's a sweetie!

    Car or no car, you have 3 days together and I am SURE you will enjoy them to the max!! You always seem to make the most of whatever situation you are in :)


  8. OMG sorry about the car! But thankfully you weren't hurt.
    Such a sweet picture of Tyler! :)


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