Saturday, November 14, 2009

Where to Begin

Things have been crazy since David got back home!  We went home Halloween weekend for my niece's christening.  I have pictures, and I will post soon.  Then David and Tyler went to the Razorback game last weekend.  I was supposed to go, but homework was getting a bit overwhelming.  And I knew Tyler and David could use some Daddy/Daughter bonding.  They had a blast!!  Good thing I didn't go, I came down sick.

David started back to work on Monday.  He is starting a new job, and trying to learn how things are going.  Doesn't really help that he only worked 2 days this week.  He was off Wednesday for Veterans Day (GASP, he gets the federal holidays off again, first time in 2 years!)  Wednesday night, I was lying in bed writing a paper and started having labor pains.  No, I am not pregnant.  I do not have a monthly anymore, had surgery over a year ago to take care of this.  I was scaring the crap out of David and I was in the worst pain EVER.  The pain labor pains finally calmed down, but I was in pain all night and didn't get any sleep.  Seven a.m. on the dot, I called the appt line and they told me to be there at 7:40.  They did a urine culture and it came back fine.  She examined me and said she thought it was my appendix.  WONDERFUL!!  She told me to go get my blood drawn.  In the meantime, I am trying to get a hold of David to find out where he is and my mom.  My blood work comes back and the Doctor is throwing papers at me and telling me to go to the hospital.  Ok, you want me to drive to the hospital by myself.  I am in freakin pain!  The hospital is a good 15 minutes away.  (David was on his way to take Landon to daycare.)

I make it to the hospital and David meets me there.  We go up to Radiology and they hand me two bottles of yellow stuff and tell me to come back in 2 hours!  WONDERFUL!!  We come back in two hours and wait some more.  Finally they call me back for my CT Scan.  They ask me if I still have my appendix and if I am diabetic.  Yes and No.  They spend a good 30 minutes trying to get an IV in me.  I have the worst veins EVER!!  They do the scan 3 times and then send me back to the waiting room.  We wait and wait and then they tell us to go back to the base for my doctor to read my results.  It is almost 2:00 by this point.  I am pissed and I am still in pain!!

We get to the base and my doctor calls David's phone and I hear him say, we just got on base to go to the clinic to hear the results.....We will be there in a minute.  OMG, we are both beyond annoyed at this point.  And I am still in PAIN!!!  We get there and they bring us on back and she says, YAY it isn't your appendix.  I glare at her!!  Then she tells me that I had several ovarian cysts that ruptured and a UTI that is so bad that it is safe to call it a kidney infection.  Then she asks, how do you do with pain meds.  I said wonderful and I want them NOW!

Did I mention that my parents were on their way to come up here to help us out with me having surgery. All we heard all morning was, be prepared for surgery.  Don't eat or drink anything.  My poor parents, turned around and drove back home!  Have I ever mention how amazing they are!  Bless their hearts!

I am no longer in pain, but I still have no energy and feel like I could sleep for days.  And I still have tons of homework to work on.  I am hoping my energy comes back soon.  I have a lot to do before we go home next weekend for Thanksgiving.

Sorry for the long post.  Hopefully my posts will become more regular!!  As you can see, life has been getting in the way!

P.S. I am not checking for typos, I just don't have the energy.
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  1. Oh geesh.. I've had the cyst thing happen! Doubled over and spent over 12 hours in the hospital! (Not to mention it took three months to heal!) I send you my love and pure sympathy! Been there! :)

  2. Oh my gosh! I am so sorry. That sounds like a nightmare. I hope all is well now, or at least on the mend?

  3. Holy smokes!! I can't even comprehend how painful that must have been! And the run-around they gave you... oiy!

    I hope that this weekend is productive and pain-free! And I am so glad that David was home during all of this. What a relief it must have been to have him with you.


  4. Glad you are ok! After having my appendix out, I didn't think that was going to be your problem. It's kind of weird to explain but the pain is kind of all around and you don't feel like eating anything at all and you feel very nauseous. Anyway, no matter what pain is awful and sorry you had to go through all that!

  5. Holy cow, what an ordeal! I so hope you are feeling better. Bless your heart.

  6. Bless your heart! Glad you're feeling better! Love your blog!

  7. my friend had similar problems a few months ago, I hope you feel better soon! :)


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