Thursday, November 5, 2009

Praying for Ft Hood

My heart is heaving tonight.  I can barely pry myself away from my laptop.  I am watching coverage on  I cannot imagine with this base is going through right now.  It feels as if it happened in my own backyard.  God Bless Ft Hood and all of our troops.

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  1. It is sickening - every military family nightmare. There was an incident at Hill b/4 you got there where a GI lost it and was loose on the base w/ a weapon and they were afraid he would go to the school. Everything was in lock down. No one where he was going etc I was scary. They sent out e mails lock your doors, don't go out etc Luckily it ended peacefully, I wish this one had............

  2. So heartbreaking! I feel horrible for the families who've lost someone.

  3. It really is heartbreaking! I still can't believe this happened! The military is a family and it feels like a loss for all of us when something so tragic happens! My prayers are constantly with the families who have lost someone or who are spending their days in the hospital with a wounded family member :(


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