Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It has been a crazy week around here!!  I am really looking forward to our get away weekend in Branson.  Lots of shopping and having fun with my mom and the kiddos!!  The forecast is calling for a 60% chance of rain, all weekend!  Rain isn't enough to keep us from having a grand ole time!!!  

Yesterday, I got my haircut and colored.  Not sure if I like it yet or not.  I am used to my sister doing my hair and just knowing what looks good on me.  I am sure it will grow on me.  If not, I can just add some highlights and the length will grow.  No Big Deal!!

Landon got his glasses today!!  He looks so BIG!!  The office gave him a sucker to keep his hands busy!  I may need to go buy more!  HA!!
I have mentioned on here that Landon has severe eczema.  One of my friends told me about  The owner's son has severe eczema and basically has been through everything we have been through with Landon.  After nothing worked, she did her research and started making her own products for her son out of all natural products.  I ordered what she recommended last Friday and UPS delivered them yesterday.  This morning, I could tell a difference already!!  You should check out this site!  They have lotions, shampoo, bath salts, and more!!  I am really hoping that this helps Landon!!!

I am sorry for the boring post!!  We are too busy to have anything to report about!  You know, busy with everyday stuff!!  

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  1. I hope those products give you long-term help!

    Yay for Branson. I haven't been there in years.

  2. He looks adorable in his glasses!

  3. your little boy looks adorable in his glasses!!!

  4. That's great that his skin is already doing better!

  5. Oh bless his little heart! I think he looks so handsome with those glasses :) Great this his skin is doing better too!!

  6. Landon's glasses are great! I really like them!

    I hope you grow to love your hair! How does David like it?


  7. Such a cute picture of Landon in his little glasses! I love it! Now I want to see pictures of your new haircut. : )


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