Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I *heart* Etsy

I LOVE Etsy!!  I am learning that you can find almost anything on this site!!  Here are some of my latest purchases and things that I *heart* at the moment.  

I ordered these leg warmers for Tyler for her Halloween costume.  I LOVE them!!  They just scream Tyler!!

I was having a hard time deciding on what to get my baby girl (my nickname for my niece) for Christmas.  Then I found this adorable bow holder.  The colors go great with her bedroom.  She will be so excited to have a place to hang her bows.  She may only be 5 months old at Christmas, but she will beam with joy when she opens her present!!  
Last week, Allison had a week long of give aways on her blog.  I won labels and got to pick out my design.  Christmas is just around the corner and I was excited about the idea of getting Christmas address labels.  How cute are they!!!!  
I found this, called my mom and told her that I have a very special birthday coming up in a few months and I will have my own classroom before I know it, and well it needs decor, and I kind of fell in love with something, and PLEASE get it for me!!  HA!!  How could she say no to that.  Actually, she is going to look around before she makes her final decision.  She knows my taste and she knows that I gotta have my Hogs incorporated into my classroom.  David has already told me that I will score major points with the boys in my classroom.  There will always be some type of a sports theme going on!  HA!!  Anyways, check out more of her work here.

What are some of your favorite Etsy stores?

I just have to share this story.  I promise you, there is never a dull moment in this house when Landon is around.  This afternoon, Tyler pulled her 2nd tooth in 2 weeks.  I kid you not!  I am starting to worry how she is going to chew her food.  Anyways, she went and got her tooth pillow and placed her tooth inside.  I remind Tyler to put the tooth pillow in her room so her tooth would not get lost.  I am pretty sure she heard, "Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah!"  Why you ask?  Not even a minute later I hear this, "LANDON!!!! UGH!!! LANDON!!!!"  Yeah, I knew what happened.  I ask Tyler what happened and she said that Landon put her tooth in the speaker (Our floor speaker that isn't even hooked up to anything!)  So I turn the speaker upside down and reach my hand inside the hole in the back of the speaker!!  OMG, I pulled out 3 markers, 3 cotton balls, pony tail holder, Thomas the Train, and a small box containing Bunny shaped soap (I assume from Easter!!).  I am trying to contain my humor in this situation, but the laughs just blurt out and Tyler is TICKED OFF!!  After digging in the speaker for a few minutes, VOILA I found the tooth!  Everyone is Happy again!  I told Landon to stop hoarding in the speaker.  Now I know where to go looking for anything missing around the house!!  

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  1. I have thought abt putting some items I have been making in etsy but haven't had any guts yet! I love the Landon story - he has his own stash. At least he he didn't have any rottening food in there! Thanks for sharing!,,,,,,Jo

  2. I love the legwarmers and your labels too! I could just spend hours looking on etsy. Right now, I've lots of new cute bows that I'd like to get for J but haven't yet. I also found some cute monogrammed sippy cup inserts, but I want to find the sippy cup first. Anyway, yes, I love etsy too! Isn't it so much fun?

  3. That's too funny about finding stuff in your speaker. I love Etsy! I've become addicted to those vinyl wall sayings!


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