Thursday, August 20, 2009

Have At It Friday

First off, I just want to say thank you for all the sweet comments on my last post!! I felt better after I published my post! Sometimes it just helps to write it down. Then I got to talk to David for the first time in over a week! It was so great to hear his voice!!

Okay, now to explain the title of my post! One of my FAVORITE shows is Army Wives on Lifetime. From the very first season, I was in love. However, I didn't get to see the whole season because we PCSed (moved) right in the middle of the season. Pretty ironic that my military life interrupts my fav military show! Well I found Army Wives Season 1 on Netflix and got got up this week.

Last night, I watched Disc 3 of Season 1, where Pamela gets the gig at the radio station. She calls her segment, Have at It with Pamela Moran. I got to thinking, how fun would it be to do a weekly post titled Have At It. For those of you who may not watch the show, military spouses call in and get advice from Pamela on military life, vent about the military life, or just say whatever is on their mind. I know for me, I feel so much better when I type out when I am thinking, good or bad!

So here is the deal, each Friday I am going to do a Have At It. Who wants to play along? You do not have to be military. Everyone has something to say, ask, or just want to share. You can do a blog post and leave your link in a comment or just leave a comment! I think it will be fun.

So here it goes........

  • Dear Air Force, you should really shouldn't give out that Staff Stripe to people who are constantly in trouble. Yes, they have tested a billion times and now they only have to sign their name on the test and they make Staff. I am not going into details, but when my husband is having to warn this troop to watch his ass because he can loose his line number just like that on the same day he makes Staff....HHHHMMMM!!
  • To one of my not so fav professors: Seriously, if you are going to give an observation assignment in a child care center, give your students more than one day to complete the assignment!
  • To David's supervisor, it is ok to call and check on me once a month. I do not bite! I promise!! Forget it, I probably will bite at this point!
  • And this one is a question or advice!! I am about to invest in MacBook Pro. YAY, so excited!! I asked David to get me Photoshop for Christmas. There are several different types and prices! I was a little overwhelmed on which PhotoShop that he should get me. HELP!!


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  1. - To the Bats - yes bats that keep coming in my house from who knows where - I'm not running a b&b I don't like you and I know you don't like me soooo plsssssss stay outside

    - To the powers that be at my hsb's work - give him a break and find some help one guy can only do so much It's not like money/work isn't coming in

    - to my volunteer job - how did you run it in the ground in less than 2 months since I left? Whoever thought letting teens run the place was a good idea? Will I ever be able to get it back running the way it was without sacrificing my personal life - and do I really want to devote that much again?

    I just got the photoshop elements 7 this week I will be playing with it this w/e- go to the library check out the books on the different ones and see if it meets your needs I didn't want an overly fancy one right at first. I did read a bunch of reviews that said most ppl don't use 1/2 of it so I figure start low and work up if I need more

    Thanks for the opportunity have at it and vent!...Jo

  2. I have a macbook pro and it's amazing. You can get the photoshop trail on there for free for about 60 days with the new macbook so play around with it and see which version you like that way. It'll save you a lot of money!

  3. Glad you are feeling better!

    We have a macbook pro if you have any ??'s!

    I'm kind of boring - I don't really have anything else to add to the have at its!


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