Monday, August 24, 2009

Girl Power

Tyler gets off the bus this afternoon and tells me about her first Bully experience. Here is how the confrontation went down:

Bully (older boy, of course): Give me your snack in your lunchbox.

Tyler: (Laughing) I ate it all in the lunchroom.

Bully: I will eat you then.

Tyler: Whatever, you can't eat me.

Bully: Well then I will throw you in the pond.

Tyler: That isn't true.

Bully: Well bring me a snack tomorrow.

Tyler: Whatever, get a snack at home!

OMG, Tyler totally held her own! I was blown away! I never knew she had it in her! Damn, this girl has grown up over the summer! I was very proud of how she took care of the situation. I did let her know that she should NEVER give into bullies. If the situation continues, she should tell her bus driver and mommy. Mommy will be more than happy to go and have a nice little chat with Bully's mother!

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  1. Sounds like she has a good example to look up to ;) Give Tyler a "You Go, Girl" from me!

  2. That's so awesome! Even though I have a long time until this applies, one of the things I worry about so much is bullies at school because I know how mean kids can be. But you should be so proud!! She handled herself like a charm. You and David have taught her well. Message to all other potential bullies at school....Don't mess with Tyler!


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