Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back to School Fashion

School starts up in 2 1/2 weeks here! For me, It is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. I love shopping for fall clothes and school supplies! I get all giddy!! My husband calls me a dork but he loves it too!! I am on the hunt for that perfect 1st day of school outfit for Tyler! However, I keep looking at the fall clothes! Fall clothes are my FAVORITE!! My mom and I just planned a trip to Branson for Labor Day weekend. I know we will squeeze in some shopping in between the Duck Boat Rides and other fun stuff for the kiddos.

Here are some of my fav styles for the fall. Which is your favorite season to shop for?

I forgot to mention, that these clothes are for Tyler! I don't get excited shopping for me clothes!! Maybe another 10lbs down will change my mindset on that!

Basic sweater cardigan that can be mixed with many styles. I like it paired with this white shirt....
and with these dark washed jeans....

David laughs at me that I love denim pieces. For me, they can be matched up with many pieces and denim never goes out of style. I love this denim jacket with this dress....
this scarf (Tyler LOVES scarves) and ....

and these AMAZING boots. Tyler, please grow into a Size 1 before the fall! Thanks, MOM!

And just because I love these socks!!

All of these clothes, shoes, and accessories come from I cannot wait to hit the Gap Outlet! Mom, I hope you are ready to shop your little booty off. Wait, what I am thinking. Who do I think that I get my love of shopping from?! Not my dad!!

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  1. I love fall clothes shopping too :) Something about starting a new season/chapter with new clothes, unwritten in notebooks, unsharpened pencils... Such fun!

    Have in Branson!


  2. I like Fall as well. It's really odd this year since this is the 1st year in the past 12 I have not done school shopping. I keep going down the aisles wanting to load up on colored pencils, notebooks, back packs.It is soooo hard to NOT buy the stuff esp at Walmart with all the bright coordinating's depressing..Devon starts her 1st college class tomorrow (2nd session of summer classes) The Fall sememster doesn't start here until after Labor Day.

  3. Gap give and get is coming up. (I forget exactly when) but it's 30% off. I'll try and post a link on my facebook (You have to have a coupon.) Also, you know about the gap outlet coupons? There is come cute Gap stuff coming up! We should go to Legends one day!

  4. I like all of those! I know some people HATE them but I love my brown ugg boots. Their so comfy! Every time I pull those out of the closet I know the fall is upon us. I love shopping at forever21. I can always find cute stuff there.


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