Monday, June 8, 2009

Deployment Survival Tip #1

I am going to share deployment survival tips every week. I thought it would be fun! If you are not military, then you will get a little insight! If you read this blog (and are military) and have tips, share them and I will include them!! When David was deployed to Iraq, I was always looking for something different to send in his care packages!! I found these individual packages of crystal light lemonade to pour in bottle water. You gotta drink LOTS of water in a desert climate! Water can get old and these are a welcomed treat!! I have already been stocking up on these for David!

And just for fun, I thought it would be fun to include these 2 pictures!!!

Tyler and David the night before he deployed to Iraq.

September 2005

Tyler and Daddy before he leaves for Kuwait!

June 2009

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  1. Ashley,

    Hats off to you and THANK you to your husband for serving our country. Thanks for entering the giveaway at rustic. I love miss Dorothy, and you are right there is No place like home. Have a great day, and please come back again. oh... p.s. I am announcing the winner this Saturday. If you could email me your email address so I can get ahold of you if you are the lucky winner. My email is

    Thanks again


  2. I know exactly! I used to send Terence koolaid and all those powdered drink all the time because he said the water got really old and he needed some FLAVOR ha..ha..Once I sent him a dr pepper and specially wrapped it in bubble tape so it wouldn't explode and everything-just one dr pepper b/c he wanted it so bad. And he said he put it in the refridgerator b/c if your gonna have it then is has to be cold right? Well-some stupid head STOLE his precious dr pepper and he was so upset! LOL! Anyways-hope you are having a good week! <3 Becky

  3. GASP!! Someone drank his Dr. Pepper!! That should be an instand court martial!! I made David brownies for his first care package. I was given the wrong mailing address. A month later, the package was returned to me!! It is so sad, you get so excited about their packages and when something happens to them you are heart broken!!


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