Sunday, June 7, 2009

Check it Out

If you are reading this, then you can see my bloggy makeover!! I cried when I saw it!! Thank you so much Becky. You should check out her blog. We hit it off immediately!! She is an Arkansas girl who now lives in Texas!! Give her some bloggy love!! Also, I opened up the blog to the public. I get quite fiesty while David is gone and I know that I can handle any negative comments!! But I did take down David's mailing and email address. Holla at a sista if you want it!!

I plan on taking some pictures of David and the kids this afternoon. That is if the weather holds out!! I will try to get them posted tonight so check back later!

Happy Sunday!!!


Landon is still asleep but I have gotten some adorable pictures of Tyler. I have been trying to edit them on picnik but it has been a pain in the rear!! Anyways, enjoy the pictures! We are headed out to take more pics at the park after Landon wakes up.

Picture overload, I updated this post at least 3 times today! ENJOY!!!

More pictures to come!!!!!

******Landon woke up! We didn't make it to the park due to me misplacing my military i.d. Ugh, living on base can be a pain sometimes! Here are some pictures that I took of David and the kiddos. Let me know what you think!!

This was the best picture that I got of the 3 of them!! Sigh!


  1. You are so precious! Those are GREAT pictures :)
    I love Tyler's little teeth missing and her side bun..too cute! Great memories made. I'm so glad you like your blog and let me know if you ever want anything else on here and I'll add it for you! <3 Becky

  2. I LOVE the PICS!!! LOVE Them... I especially love the one of Landon and Tyler hugging/kissing him... They are great pics.. Keep em coming.

  3. These pictures are priceless!!!!!! I love them all! You did such a great job and I am so proud of you!! Thanks for sharing them with all of us and give my cousin a big ole going away hug and kiss from me! Tell him I love him too!!

  4. Thanks for the comment, I do love the curtains! Your daughter is too cute, I think she loves the camera!

  5. Thanks for the comment about my craft area. My husband is in the AF too and we are at Mildenhall!! Such a small took us to Kelly's Korner to find we live very close!!


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