Friday, July 23, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In 3

This has been a LONG week and I am so thankful that it is FINALLY Friday and David has a down day! I am keeping my fingers crossed that the dreaded work phone does not ring.  People do stupid things on long weekends and David has to go to work!

Friday also means that it is MilSpouse Friday Fill in over at Wife of a Sailor's blog.  Check it out here and participate.

  1. Besides the horizontal mambo, what do you miss most when your spouse is deployed?
I always miss the 4 of us crawled up in our bed and watching a movie or just talking and having fun.  It is our nightly routine and our way of spending time as a family at the end of a day.  I miss David venting about his day and me telling him about an exciting lesson plan that I wrote.  I miss ADULT conversations.  I miss his touch, his smell, I miss HIM.  

Landon missed riding in Daddy's truck.

Here is a post that I wrote while he was deployed last year.

2.  What do you miss least?

I would say putting the toilet seat down, but Landon is here to keep that going on now.  So maybe keeping sweets in the house.  I always loose weight when he is deployed and gain it back when he is home.  There has to be a connection there! HHMM!

3.  You only get three crayons to finish your picture… which three do you choose and why?

UGH, I always hate these questions.  Tyler's favorite color is pink and Landon's is green.  I obviously have to pick those two colors.  And I guess red for Arkansas Razorbacks!

4.  If you could have your own fragrance, what would it be called?

Oh I am horrible and naming anything.  I am not original at all.  Even though I was determined my children would not have common names.  (ARGH Landon is growing in popularity!)  And it doesn't help I am not a big perfume person.  The majority of them give me headaches.  Wow I sound like a Debbie Downer.  Maybe I would call it Angel.  My grandfather called me Angel for as long as I can remember.  

5.  If the shoes make the man (or woman), what do your shoes say about you right now?

Well right at this moment my shoes wouldn't say too much about me because I am bare foot.  I never wear shoes at home.  David swears that I kick them off as soon as I get home.  My shoes would probably tell someone that I am all about comfort, but trendy and cute (the shoes, not me!).  

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  1. Ha ha I'm not wearing shoes either. Comfort for sure!

  2. Oh that picture is so heartbreakingly sweet! My daughter kicks her shoes off as soon as she walks in the front door so I wouldn't doubt that you do too. LOL!


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