Monday, June 21, 2010

Catching Up

Ok, so I am going back to my 30 Day Posts.  Man it is hard to get back into blogging after a short break.  But man on man was that break ever so nice!  I think I am going to post 2 days at a time for my 30 Days.

Day 11 is a picture that I have taken recently.  My IRL friend, Allison @ The Story of 5 did a post of an assortment of foods in a muffin tray.  I thought this would be something fun and different for the kids so we tried it out today.

I had the kids waiting in the den while I prepared their lunch.  
They love it when I make a big deal out of the little things in life!
They were so excited with their lunch!

I cut up a pickle in half, turkey, carrots and ranch, 100 calorie cheese, and applesauce.
Would you believe that the carrots and ranch were the first things to go!  
I will definitely do this again.  I have ideas of different things to serve up!

Day 12 is something that tickles your fancy.  

This group of girls crack me up!!  For all Early Childhood/Elementary Ed majors, the semester before you student teach you take a block of classes known as PDS.  It is intense and stressful, but very rewarding.  We formed a great bond and support system to survive the semester!  I miss these girls like crazy and cannot wait to hear their student teaching stories this fall!!  

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  1. Fun! MY kids love to eat their lunch like that, I've never served it like this though, so thanks for the cute idea =) But they love have a different assortment instead of just a sandwich or something .

  2. Glad you tried out the muffin tin idea! Do you follow the muffin tin blog? She is also on facebook! There are always great ideas on there!


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