Friday, January 8, 2010

Thirty and Still Kicking

Today is a very special person's birthday!  He makes me laugh.  He makes me cry.  He is a lover.  He is a fighter.  He is hard working.  He is laid back.  He is a provider.  He is devoted.  He is trusting.  He is a son.  He is a brother. He is a husband.  He is a father.  He is an uncle.  He is a lover of music.  He is a lover of the wilderness. He is a lover of college football.  He is the #1 person in 3 people's lives!!!

Who am I talking about, you ask?  Whose birthday is today?  No it isn't Elvis.  Okay, it is Elvis' birthday too. It is this lil guy's birthday!!!

OMG, Check out those curls!!!

What a beach bum!!

I said he was a lover of music!!


Real boys wear pink!!!

Are you noticing a trend of no shirt?

HHHHMMMM, someone may have had one too many on their Sr trip to Cancun.  Just sayin!!

Oh the college days!  Normally I would ask why he is wearing a Bama hat!  But after last night's win, I say wear it until football season 2010 starts!!!

A picture with his parents before he leaves for BMT.

He graduated!

Happy 30th Birthday, David!!  You deserve an amazing day!  I am so thankful for January 8, 1980!!

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  1. Happy birthday to him!

    My hubby is turning 30 this year. Unfortunately, he'll be deployed during it. So now I have to figure something SPECIAL out for the boat!

  2. Happy Birthday to your hubs!!

    The first pic really looks like Landon!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!
    Cute pictures! :)

  4. Very sweet post. Hope you and your hubby have a wonderful day together!


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