Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve

Update:  Rachael extended the contest until midnight on  Wed, Jan 6th.  I will extend my give away until then also!!  Thanks for voting, even if you didn't vote for our pic!  LOL!!  Rachael is an amazing photographer and there were several that I would've voted for if we weren't in the running!!  Happy New Years!!

Seriously, where did 2009 go?  I will be working on a post from our Christmas and this past year and possibly the decade to be posted later!!  We just got back from Arkansas on Tuesday night.  We had a wonderful time, but there is no place like home.  We are very thankful that the floods on Christmas Eve had gone down by the time we got there!!  Our guardian angel was watching over us!!!

For now, I have a favor to ask!!  After David got home from his deployment, we had our pictures with Rachael at  (For my military readers, google OPLove for your complimentary session and portraits with a photographer in your area before, during, or after a deployment.)  If you live in the Kansas City area, you should check her out!  She is amazing!  Ok, so back to the favor!  Rachael has a contest running on her blog.  She picked out her favorite pictures of 2009 and is asking her readers to vote for their favorite.  The winner gets a free complimentary session in 2010 and a free 11x14 of the winning photo!!  OMG, I would love to have both!  Plus to make the deal a little sweeter, she is going to draw a winning comment and if your comment is chosen, you will win a free complimentary session in 2010.  If I know you, I will bunk you up if you do not live in this area.  If not, Kansas City is an awesome place for a summer getaway!!

Now, I don't feel right about asking for a huge favor and not giving something back in return.  If you leave a comment on Rachael's blog and leave a comment here letting me know....................Then I will have a drawing for a $25 AMC Gift Card!!  Blog about or Twitter about the giveaway and I will give you another 1-2 chances of winning (2 if you blog and Twitter!)

HURRY, the contests ends on Sunday, January 3 at 11:59 Central Time!!!  

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  1. I would've chose you and the purple dress, however I couldn't resist the baby in the luggage. I love the look on Tylers face..what a great program....

  2. I posted a comment on the blog and Re-Tweeted it. I'll write a blog post soon too, and I'll tell you when I did it.

  3. I'll make sure I get over there and vote!

  4. Your picture is gorgeous. I didn't realize how pretty the color of your dress is.


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