Friday, October 23, 2009

Daddy is Home!

We are having an amazing week around here!  On Monday night, the kids decorated Daddy's banner.  They were so proud of it and worked so hard!  Too bad that when we got home, the sign was in a huge ball in the grass!  :-(  Stupid Missouri wind!  Luckily, we took LOTS of pictures for Daddy to see his sign that we worked so hard on.  He LOVED it!!

The airport is all a blur!  Luckily Rachael, from Good Two Shoes Photography, came and took our pictures of our reunion and taking family pictures tomorrow.  She participates in the charity OpLove.  If you are a military family with a deployment in the near future, present, or about to have a homecoming, you must check out this website!  AMAZING!

David has been busy in the mornings taking care of all the wonderful briefings and inprocessing duties.  R&R should start next week!!

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  1. I love seeing families all together again. Makes my heart so glad!

    I hope that you have the most wonderful 2 weeks together!


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  3. The pictures are great - I know you're proud of them!!!


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