Tuesday, October 13, 2009


for a delay in Purple Dress Day!!!  I am honestly ok!  I am kind of used to him never coming home as expected.  It isn't his fault!!  I think David was rather surprised in how well I took the news!  It does give me some extra time to get some things done and get over this cold that I woke up with this morning.  Yes, I am trying to talk this whole thing up and look at the positive........ Purple Dress Day will be here eventually!!

And let me just tell you, it is FREEZING here!!  It is raining and there is some snow mixed in!!  Is it December or October?

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  1. Aw, sorry! I hope you feel better super fast! And it IS coming! :) Way to be positive!

  2. At least you're at the end and he will be back before you know! Just keep staying busy (as I'm sure you already are!!)

    And seriously snow? I know it was raining - I skipped my knitting class because I didn't feel like it getting out in it, but I didn't know it was snow too? I'm already tired of this cold. Boo to that!

  3. wow, you're amazing for taking it so well! I would prob have an hour of freaking out before I would be ok! :)

    I think we can say it is safely somewhere between october and spring! haha..

  4. :( I hate those stinking delays! It will be here soon though! :) :)

  5. Yup.... that's the way it goes sometimes. You're awesome for taking it so well. I might have cried :)

    But, he is COMING HOME!! Hooray!



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