Monday, July 13, 2009

Random Post

Please excuse how crappy this picture turned out. I made the diaper cake for my sister's baby shower. During the trip home, my camera got switched to manual mode and none of the pictures from the shower turned out. I didn't get too many due to my hosting responsibilities. The shower turned out really nice and my sis got lots of great stuff. And my niece will be here on Wednesday. I am not sure when I will get to meet her! I am sad but my sis didn't get to meet Tyler or Landon until they were 3 months old. I guess it is the life of the military! However, I am going to go buy a new cell phone tomorrow so I can see pics of my beautiful baby girl that I cannot wait to spoil!!

Today was our first day home and we were super busy! Landon started a new daycare. Tyler and I stocked up on groceries and I tried to mow the yard but our lawn mower kept dying on me. Seriously, if housing comes by tomorrow and tries to write me up............................... Well I don't think I need to tell you what will happen! It won't be pretty. Today was also David's day off so we got to take quite a bit on yahoo messenger! It was great! We got caught up. I have been really missing him the past 2 days. School starts for Tyler a month from today and that will keep us busy. I start back 5 days after her so I am sure time will fly by and David will be home before we know it!! During these deployments, I am so grateful that he doesn't deploy for a year or longer! My hats go off to all you ladies and gentlemen that sacrifice your significant other for that long.

Speaking of long deployments, the kids and I went to check out Little Rock AFB while we were home. WOW, it is 10 times better than Whiteman. David thinks the only way we can get orders there is for him to do a remote to Korea for a year. Neither one of us are too keen on the idea. I wish the AF Fairy would just listen to us and gives us orders to AR for Christmas. I know, it will never happen!!

Ok, enough rambling! I will try to post some pics tomorrow!

I almost forgot, I have lost 6lbs since David left 4 weeks ago!

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  1. I think the AF Fairy drinks.....a lot.. we prayed fro mid west and got sent to Utah....... soooo, be careful what you wish for We never wanted to take the chance of him going to Korea not to mention me being left w/ 3 teenagers. Andrew is over there right now, he is coming home in Aug then back for 6 mo It was the only way he could get Italy - I hope the fairy doesn't screw that up - he is counting on going...I know and you know how that it....Great on the weight esp w/ you going home!......Jo

  2. I'm glad you got to catch up with the hubs!!!! That diaper cake is super cute!!!!!

  3. You go girl! Way to lose weight! It seems like I always gain weight whenever I go home... And great job on the diaper cake, it's too cute!


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