Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Work in Progress

Last Friday, David and I decided to work on some projects that had been put off until the weather was warmer. My mom gave us my brother's old headboard and foot board for Landon. I think it is pretty much pipe that was welded into a bed. It is old and heavy and I LOVE it!! David spray painted it black and it looks great! I decided that I would sand down Tyler's old dresser and paint it black as well. I wasn't sure what to do but we are happy with how the dresser came out!

The kids were OPS (sorry, that is the military wife coming out in me!) checking the bed.

I really need to find a bed skirt to match. This is a horrible picture but Landon's room is the size of a closet so it was the best angle I could get!

Here is a picture of the dresser. You can click on the pic to make larger. When we put the drawers in, I realized that I will have to go back and do some touch up work! David wants me to paint a razorback on the middle drawer and I am on the hunt for some drawer knobs. Please excuse the hats and bat not centered with the dresser. I am going to get him a shelf to hang his bats from and hooks for his hats. None of those hats fit anymore! I am also going to get a lamp to give him some more light in the room.

The room is still a work on progress. Some color on the walls would really make a difference but we do not want to have to repaint white when we move! I am planning on getting picture of David and Landon hunting in the fall and put in frames.

Here are some more random pictures of the kids playing on Sunday. Tyler was playing sick and Landon just does whatever his sister does. ENJOY!!


  1. looks good. i hope someday to get to LR to shop for stuff for the girls rooms. so they can be decorated..

  2. I agree I hated waiting for Chuck to go and the awkwardness when he first got back home - it was like getting to know each other all over again. One of us would always say to the other before he walked out the door - the sooner you leave the sooner you get back, so get going. I can't say it ever got easier. I think it great that there is more support for spouses now. All I can say is stay busy - find a project to keep you busy, it does help!.....Jo

  3. I like her bed!!

    And did I know you had a brother??? Is he a lot younger?

    Oh, and I got those wraps at Wal-mart. I think those kinds are supposed to be a lot healthier than the other types. Not sure though, but I went with them!

  4. Jo, the awkardness is horrible when they first arrive home! We are the same way, leave so you can get back home!! I hate the waiting on them to leave part!! I have lots of trips and fun stuff planned for the kids til school starts back up.

    Allison, my brother is only 22. Tyler's bed was actually my bed! She loves it!!! I will have to look for those wraps. My deployment diet is about to start full gear. That wrap sounded like it would be a good lunch/dinner for my diet!!

  5. GREAT JOB!! I love the camo room!!


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