Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How Do You Like Your Oreo?

Don't you want to sink your teeth into these bad boys!! David's squadron is having a picnic tomorrow and I signed up to bring a dessert. Landon is allergic to eggs and peanuts. This can present a challenge when attending functions where food is involved. I always try to bring something that I know Landon will be able to eat! These Oreo Delights have only two ingredients: Oreos and cool whip! Two of my favorites!! I remember when we lived in England, I worked at the bank on base. We had a potluck and I brought something that had cool whip in it. One of the Brits asked me what that white stuff was! I GASPED!! How can you live a life without Cool Whip!!

We have just been hanging out today! We had a pretty good storm roll through this afternoon. I am hoping the weather holds out tomorrow. We did have a visitor by the name of Mr. FedEx! (I love that truck, even though he was a day late!) I had a book made with lots of our family trips that we have made over the last few months. David was shocked and loved it! He also got a new digital camera yesterday for Father's Day! What can I say, I love my man!!

I hope ya'll are having a great week so far! David and I rented some movies for the night! Time is really starting to wind down and all we want to do is lay around and cuddle and play with the kiddos!

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  1. Mmmmm....those look yummy!!! I think they would probably put me into sugar shock, but it would so be worth it!
    And I love photo books! I think they're such a great gift...good job!

  2. anything with oreos are my favorite!!!have you made oreo balls before??? email me and i'll send you the recipe!! they are so yum!


  3. Those oreo things look so good!

    Do you know people have never heard of Rotel?? I seriously thought it was everywhere, just like i'd think cool whip is everywhere too!


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