Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daddy's Duty

Hey everyone, I wanted to start a blog to keep everyone posted on David's deployment. A blog seemed easier than sending emails. I will post pictures that he sends me and maybe I can even talk David to putting together a post! I really wanted to use this blog as a journal for Tyler and Landon to look at one day when they are older. They can see what their daddy went through while he was deployed to Kuwait and what we did to keep us busy while Daddy is gone. I wanted to set the blog private to keep out unwanted eyes who have negative things to say about our military and the war. Feel free to send me any one's email address who would like to view the blog! We do not have to know the people! I will try to keep the blog posted with any details of the deployment that I can share! Be sure to leave comments so David can read them!!


  1. Ashley, this is such a wonderful idea. Tyler and Landon will appreciate it so much as they grow older. David, my prayers are always for you and your family but special ones as you deploy. If there is anything that I can make and send to you please do not hesitate to let me know. Love, Grannie

  2. Ashley, sign up Phillip. I know he'd want to keep up with what all is happening with David. His email address is

  3. Jason, I put Phillip's email address in. Thanks!! Do you know Aubrey and Alicia's email?


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